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Automatic equipment like arm barriers, bollards and automated gates offer sleek, low maintenance points of access for safely managing higher levels of traffic flow or restricting access.  

Automatic equipment like arm barriers, bollards and automated gates offer sleek, low maintenance points of access for safely managing higher levels of traffic flow or restricting access.  

Highly durable and built with long-term reliability in mind, our wide range of premium automatic products are sourced from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, guaranteeing consistency and best quality. 

Highly effective for use in both domestic and commercial outlets, we offer many flexible customisations, finishes, sizes and lengths available so you can be confident there is a solution to suit your individual requirements. Don’t forget, we also offer an installation service so you can trust us to provide a high-quality, safe and secure fitting, whilst saving you the hassle of looking for a reputable installer once you’ve made your product selection! Our specialist sales team are on hand to answer all your questions, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Automatic Arm Barriers

We supply a range of automatic arm barriers (also known as car park barriers or “boom barriers”) suited for lighter use right up to heavy-duty models built to withstand 24/7 consistent, continual operation such as in hospitals and airport car parks.

Whether you have a small footprint or a large area you need to protect, we can help! Our arm pole lengths typically range from 2m to 8m in length, with barriers positioned tip to tip ideal for protecting expansive areas.  These electric barriers can also be locked in an open position to allow for free-flowing traffic during specific times, such as a school open day or private event. For low maintenance barriers or at unmanned checkpoints, a manual arm barrier or telescopic retractable bollard might be what you’re looking for.

Using automatic access controls, automatic arm barriers can be programmed to allow varying levels of access to different personnel such as staff, visitors or refuse collectors through fobs, intercoms and key pads.  Different vehicles will need different forms of security access, and our extensive range of customisations include voice/video intercom access, stop signs, skirting and more - we’d be happy to discuss options with you, get in touch with us today. 

Automatic Bollards

A highly effective way of controlling vehicle access zones and traffic control systems, automatic bollards (electric bollards) are becoming more and more popular. Easy to operate and providing a sleek, modern security solution with great aesthetics, they are operated using a range of access controls such as key fobs, remote controls and traffic light signals. Choose from electro-mechanical or hydraulic power to deliver a fully automatic or semi-automatic mechanism that effectively protects driveways, petrol stations, education campuses or any other location. 

To keep larger areas of coverage more aesthetically pleasing, why not complement your automatic bollards with matching static bollards to maintain a uniform style?  For protection against hostile vehicle attacks, we’re proud to offer crash rated bollards with lift assist operation. Alternatively if you’re looking for another more permanent fixture that still has a clean, striking finish explore our stainless steel bollards.

Automatic Gates

Explore our wide choice of electric gates! Our popular range of bi-fold and sliding cantilever gates enable you to secure access by providing maximum security against thieves and providing a great space-saving alternative to swing gates with a range of access controls to manage their operation. 

Our selection of automatic gates are low-maintenance whilst offering maximum security, making them the ideal solution for factory sites, warehouses, schools and stadiums. Are you looking for a residential gate? Our driveway gates might be what you’re looking for. 

Cantilever Sliding Gates

Cantilever sliding gates are a great value, secure and reliable option and due to their build are effective at protecting wide areas of space.  We can supply sliding gate solutions right up to 12m in length, however for coverage wider than 12m, two gates can be installed alongside one another to create a 24 metre span. Many of our cantilever gates are constructed from aluminum that won’t rust and ensures smooth, efficient operation built for the long term. 

Bi-fold Gates 

Bi-fold gates - also known as ‘speed gates’ - are hinged in the centre part of leaf meaning they can fold up to 25% faster than cantilever gates.  Explore our range today, with a range of choices up to a 10 metre pair.  

Swing Open Gates

A more traditional style gate, explore our range of swing open gates ranging from 2-10 metre in width.  With Barriers Direct, choose from the hinge position and various widths and heights to customisation extras like anti-climb spikes so you can be confident in your choice. 

Pedestrian Gates

For passenger access in construction and industrial areas, pedestrian gates are ideal for safely providing a walkway through secure perimeter fence lines. Available in semi-automatic, fully automatic as well as manual operation, they can be easily bolted onto our range of automatic gates to provide an additional access point. These popular gates are often installed alongside automatic turnstiles, providing disabled access that allows for wheelchair entry.  Alternatively our side and driveway gates offer a smart, modern alternative at very competitive prices. These are proving very popular with our customers!

Automatic Turnstiles

Keep your pedestrian traffic control flowing at a regular, controlled pace with automatic turnstiles. Often seen at sports stadiums but also popular in gyms, construction sites, entertainment parks and on public grounds, we provide automatic turnstiles as well as push-operated models with single and double canopies and the option of setting one-way or two-way access for your customers and staff.

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