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Car security is a paramount concern for every vehicle owner. With the prevalence of car and vehicle theft, it's crucial to safeguard your valuable investment. Steering wheel and handbrake locks offer a simple yet highly effective solution to this problem. 

We supply a wide range of solutions and can offer expert advice on choosing and using them effectively, giving you more peace of mind knowing your vehicle is better protected.

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The Importance of Car Security

Car Theft Statistics in the UK

Car theft is a significant issue nationwide, affecting thousands of vehicle owners every year. Understanding the scope of the problem highlights the need for robust car security measures:

  1. High Incidence: The UK sees over 100,000 reported cases of vehicle theft annually, according to recent statistics. This represents a substantial financial burden for both car owners and insurance companies.

  2. Evolving Tactics: Car thieves continually adapt to modern vehicle security systems. While advanced technology offers protection, determined criminals may employ various methods to circumvent these systems.

  3. Regional Variations: Car theft rates can vary across the UK, with urban areas generally experiencing higher levels of theft. However, no region is entirely immune, emphasising the importance of car security wherever you are. 

Steering Wheel Locks: Your First Line of Defence


Understanding Steering Wheel Locks

Steering wheel locks, often referred to as "club" or "crook" locks, are mechanical devices designed to attach securely to the steering wheel of your vehicle. They serve as a visible deterrent and prevent thieves from turning the steering wheel, making it nearly impossible to steer and drive the car. Installing a steering wheel lock means you are combining a physical barrier with the existing safety mechanisms your car already offers such as immobilisers and alarms, to protect yourself with maximum security.

Benefits of Steering Wheel Locks

  1. Visible Deterrence: The primary advantage of steering wheel locks is their visibility. Potential thieves are discouraged from attempting theft when they see this additional layer of protection. 

  2. Ease of Use: Steering wheel locks are user-friendly and straightforward to install and remove. This accessibility makes them suitable for all car owners.

  3. Universal Fit: Most steering wheel locks are designed to fit a wide range of vehicle types. This universality ensures that you can use them on multiple vehicles if needed. If you're unsure please do contact us, we'd be more than happy to assist you. 

How Steering Wheel Locks Function

Steering wheel locks operate on a simple principle. When attached, they secure the steering wheel, preventing it from turning more than a few degrees in either direction. This limited range of motion makes it incredibly difficult for a thief to steer the car, even if they manage to start the engine.

Tips for Effective Use of Steering Wheel Locks

  1. Quality Matters: Invest in a high-quality steering wheel lock with features such as tamper-resistant locks and durable materials, particularly in the unpredictable UK weather. Barriers Direct stock only top-quality products from leading UK suppliers, so make sure you're buying with reassurance.

  2. Proper Installation: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation to ensure your steering wheel lock functions correctly.

  3. Consistency: Make using your steering wheel lock a habit every time you leave your vehicle, even for quick stops.

  4. Parking Strategy: Whenever possible, park your car in well-lit, populated areas, especially in urban areas with higher theft rates where criminals will be more wary about being spotted by others.

  5. Additional Security: Consider complementing your steering wheel lock with a car alarm system for added security, as many steering wheel locks can be used alongside alarms.

Handbrake Locks: Reinforcing Your Car Security

Handbrake locks, also known as parking brake locks or gear shift locks, are another essential component of car security in the UK. These locks prevent the handbrake lever or gear shift from being released, effectively immobilizing your vehicle.

Key Advantages of Handbrake Locks

  1. Double Protection: When used in conjunction with a steering wheel lock, handbrake locks provide an additional layer of security, making it even more challenging for thieves to steal your car.

  2. Immobilisation: Handbrake locks immobilise your car, making it impossible for thieves to move it, even if they manage to start the engine.

  3. Ease of Use: Similar to steering wheel locks, handbrake locks are easy to install and remove, making them suitable for all car owners.

How Handbrake Locks Operate

Handbrake locks function by preventing the release of the handbrake lever or the gear shift, depending on the design. Once engaged, these locks effectively "lock" your car in place, rendering the wheels immobile.

Tips for Effective Use of Handbrake Locks

  1. Choose the Right Type: Select a handbrake lock that suits your vehicle's configuration. Some locks are designed for automatic transmissions, while others are for manual transmissions.

  2. Proper Installation: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation to ensure your handbrake lock functions correctly, especially in the often wet UK climate.

  3. Use Both Locks: For maximum security, use both a steering wheel lock and a handbrake lock simultaneously. Thieves will be deterred by the multiple layers of protection.

  4. Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect your handbrake lock for signs of wear or damage and replace it if necessary to maintain optimal security.

Of course, it's not just cars that are targeted by opportunists - bikes are too, from scooters to push bikes and motorcycles.  We offer a range of secure bike parking solutions, including bike racks for effective storing, wall-mounted bike stands if ground space is at a premium, bike shelters which can be installed in most outdoor spaces, and motorcycle stands or scooter racks for anchoring securely to the ground. 

Additional Car Security Measures in the UK

While steering wheel and handbrake locks are highly effective, it's worth considering the following additional security measures to further protect your vehicle in the UK:

1. Wheel Vehicle Clamps:

Taking seconds to effortlessly install, our range of vehicle wheel clamps suit vehicles of all sizes, and work by locking your wheel firmly in place to prevent the risk of car thefts and hijacks.  These one-piece solutions also provide a great visual deterrent in warning off opportunists.  

2. Folding Posts and Parking Bollards

Installing a parking bollard or post onto your driveway or designated parking space is another great way of securing your car, without having to actually fit a security device to the vehicle itself. Folding parking posts lock into an upright position to deter a car from being driven off the premises, and can be folded down neatly when not in use. Telescopic bollards retract deep into the ground so they are flush with the floor surface, and can be pulled up when required. Alternatively you might want to consider a removable bollard perhaps more lightweight use, for which can be put in place or removed when not in use? The choice is yours. Fortunately, Barriers Direct offer a huge range of choice here, and we have a team on standby to guide you through the decision process if you're unsure.

3. Car Alarm Systems:

Modern car alarms offer various features, from loud sirens to smartphone notifications. A well-functioning alarm can deter thieves and alert you to potential security breaches, which is particularly useful in the UK's diverse weather conditions.

4. GPS Tracking Systems:

Installing a GPS tracking system allows you to monitor your vehicle's location in real-time. If your car is stolen, this technology can assist law enforcement in recovering it swiftly.

5. Remote Start Disablers:

Some thieves use remote start devices to steal cars. Remote start disablers prevent unauthorised starting of the engine, adding an extra layer of security.

6Hidden Kill Switches:

A hidden kill switch can be installed to disrupt the vehicle's electrical system. Without the proper activation, the car won't start, offering a reliable security measure.

In summary, car security remains a pressing concern for vehicle owners and is not something to be taken lightly. Here at Barriers Direct we would be thrilled to help you with your requirements.

Steering wheel locks and handbrake locks are affordable, user-friendly solutions that provide significant protection against theft, which is particularly vital in a region with a notable incidence of car theft.

By incorporating these locks into your security strategy and following best practices, you can reduce the risk of your car becoming a target for thieves and therefore reduce the risk of it being stolen. Remember, prevention is key to safeguarding your investment, and steering wheel and handbrake locks are valuable tools in achieving that goal. Combine them with other security measures to create a comprehensive defence against car theft, tailored to the specific challenges posed by the UK's climate and regional variations in crime rates. Stay vigilant, prioritise the safety of your vehicle, and protect what matters most.

Do steering wheel locks really prevent car theft?

Steering wheel locks can be an effective deterrent against car theft, but as with any security measure they are not guaranteed to be completely foolproof and should be considered one component in your approach to vehicle safety. That being said, they make it much more difficult for thieves to steal your car. they should be viewed as one part of a comprehensive approach to vehicle security.

Which steering lock is best?

The right steering wheel lock or handbrake lock entirely depends on your budget and individual requirements, and here at Barriers Direct we have a great range to choose from. Here are some considerations to bear in mind before making a purchase:


Make sure you do your research and look for brands and suppliers that have a long track-record in supplying high-quality security products, supported by good customer ratings, such as Barriers Direct. 

Type of lock

There are different types of steering wheel locks available, including:


Check if the manufacturer or supplier offers a warranty for the steering wheel lock. A warranty can provide peace of mind in case the lock has any defects or malfunctions - fortunately Barriers Direct offers a free product warranty as standard with all products. 

Quality of the material

Look for a steering wheel lock made from durable materials like hardened steel or reinforced metal. Quality construction is crucial to ensure the lock can withstand tampering attempts.

Ease of use

Consider how easy it is to install and remove the steering wheel lock. You don't want a lock that is cumbersome to put on or take off, as it may discourage you from using it regularly.

Fit compatibility

Ensure that the steering wheel lock you choose is compatible with your vehicle's steering wheel size and design. Some locks are adjustable to fit various steering wheel sizes.

Visible deterrent

Opt for a steering wheel lock with a highly visible design, such as bright colours or reflective materials. The more noticeable it is, the more likely it will deter potential thieves.

Additional features

Some steering wheel locks come with additional features like alarms, flashing lights, or unique locking mechanisms. These can provide extra security and act as further deterrents.

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