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Terms and conditions of Installation 

These terms and conditions apply to our installation services.  They should be read in conjunction with our terms and conditions of business which will also apply to these services.   The two documents should be interpreted in such a manner as to not contradict each other in so far as is possible but, in the event of genuine conflict, this document shall prevail. By placing your order with us you accept our terms and conditions. We prohibit supplying any of our products or supplying any of our services on contrary terms (unless confirmed by us in writing).

All Installations

Unless otherwise specifically stated on our quotation, all installation fees are based on a single visit. If subsequent visits are required, additional fees may be chargeable at our sole discretion.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure a named point of contact is available at the installation location throughout the installation works. This person should be fully informed of all works to be carried out, authorised to make decisions on any matters which may arise during installation and able to sign off that the installation work has been completed.

Our installers must be given free, unobstructed and safe access to the installation area.The customer must ensure this is facilitated, that all necessary permissions have been secured for the works to be carried out and that the installers are able to carry out their work without any harassment, intimidation or threat. Please note that failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in the installation being aborted and all fees forfeited. 

The customer should also ensure the installation team have a suitable place to park their vehicles within 100m of the installation site.

If a product is to be fitted to a concrete surface provided by the customer, the concrete should be dry, of sufficient depth and robustness and sufficiently cured to enable installation and conform to the specification relevant to the product being installed and any legal or regulatory requirements which may be in force at the time of installation.

Our installers will bring with them any tools or equipment required to carry out the installation and dispose of any waste material created as a result of their work.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) documentation can be produced upon request from the customer provided such request is made in sufficient time prior to the date of installation to enable us to provide the same.

Please note we provide risk assessments for the installation works only. All products will be installed with reference to manufacturer recommendations and specifications and to information provided by the customer, however it remains the customer’s responsibility to carry out an assessment of any risks on site which may arise from the presence or operation of the product and to take steps to mitigate these risks.  Where we have installed safety devices, these are based on the information we have available and do not remove the obligation for the customer who must carry out their own risk assessment. Our installer will demonstrate the operation of any product with moving parts to the contact on site and it is the customer’s responsibility to pass this training on to any other users.

Any induction requirements which may be in place for the installation site should be communicated to us prior to the date of installation.

Whilst we will endeavour to send our installers on the date scheduled, there may be occasions when due to delay in manufacture of the product, adverse weather conditions, installer illness or other circumstances which are unforeseen or beyond our control it becomes necessary for us to postpone or cancel installation or any part thereof.  We do not accept any liability for any costs, losses or damages in whatever form incurred by the customer as a result of any such cancellation or postponement and reserve the right to seek payment for delivered products, such payment to include the costs of the delivered product and the costs of delivery.

Installation including an Automated Product, Semi Automated Product, Cantilever Gate or Full Height Turnstile

Once an order is placed, we will contact the customer to confirm the full detail of the product specification. For some products this may include asking the customer to approve a CAD drawing of the product. Manufacture will not begin until written acceptance of product specification has been received by us. Any delay in receiving this written confirmation may result in the delivery and installation being delayed.

We will work with the customer to refine the specification of the product. However, it remains the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the product ordered will fulfil their requirements and be appropriate for their site. We do not accept any liability arising from a product being unsuitable save insofar as such unsuitability has arisen directly and provably from inaccuracies in product information supplied by us.

Please note that all products of this nature are Made to Order to custom specifications and as such will not be refunded under any circumstances once manufacture has commenced.

After confirmation of product specification has been received, a provisional installation date will be agreed with the customer.

At least 10 working days prior to installation the customer must provide a completed Confirmation of Site Conditions Form and photographs of their completed site including any foundations, ducting and cabling which has been put in place ready for the product. By submitting the Confirmation of Site Conditions Form the customer is attesting the accuracy of the information contained within and undertaking to comply with any requirements outlined in the Confirmation of Site Conditions  Form. Once this is received and has been checked by the installer, the installation date will be confirmed. Failure to supply either the Confirmation of Site Conditions Form or any further  information we require following our checking of the Confirmation of Site Conditions  Form will result in the installation being postponed. The Customer will be liable for the costs arising by reason of the postponement.

 Unless we specifically include in our quotation r our installation service does NOT include any civil works, including (but not limited to): excavation, concreting, ducting, cabling or installing a mains power supply. These works remain the responsibility of the customer and must be completed to the specification relevant to the product being installed and any legal or regulatory requirements which may be in force at the time of installation.

Fees for Cancellation or Postponement of Installation

More than 10 working days prior to installation – Free of Charge

More than 3 but less than 10 working days prior to installation – administration fee of £100 + VAT

Less than 3 working days prior to installation – 100% chargeable – additional fees will be required to rebook.

Additionally, in the event that an installation is aborted or otherwise not fully completed due to the customer’s failure to comply with one or more of the requirements set out in this document, the visit will remain fully chargeable.  This may also invalidate the warranty on product and/or installation works unless and until installation in completed on a return visit.

All Other Installations

Our installation team will seek to  contact the customer directly within 2 working days of receiving an order to arrange an installation date within 10 working days of the expected delivery date of the product.  While we endeavour to meet these timescales this may, on occasion, not be possible due to workload.

Installations are normally carried out Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm. We may be able to accommodate requests for installation outside these hours however a surcharge may apply.

Products will be delivered to the delivery address specified on the order and will not arrive with the installer. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange for safe storage of the product from time of delivery until the day of installation and to make the product available to the installer at the installation location. We will not accept any liability for damage to the product between delivery and installation. 

The product should be checked upon receipt and any damage, missing parts or other faults reported to us promptly by the customer in line with our general terms and conditions.

If a product has not been received 2 days prior to installation, the customer should contact the installation team to rearrange installation.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the product ordered is suitable for the purpose intended and meets their requirements. This includes the type of product, the dimensions, colour and all other aspects of the product. If a product needs to be cancelled before delivery or returned after delivery our general terms and conditions will apply.

The customer must also ensure that the proposed location for the product to be installed has been prepared appropriately for installation to be carried out.

The customer must ensure that any legal or regulatory requirements which may be in force at the time of installation are complied with .

The installer will survey the site on the day of installation including use of a cable avoidance tool but this does not obliviate the customers duty to take responsibility for the area of the proposed location being suitable.

If installation is cancelled or changed with less than 24 hours’ notice by the customer a fee of 75% of the installation cost will apply. This is also the case if the installation is cancelled on the day by the customer or cannot be carried out for whatever reason once the installers have arrived.

If installation is delayed on the day due to any action or inaction by the customer and additional time is therefore required, the following rates apply:

Monday to Friday (8am-5pm) - £30 (+VAT) per hour

Monday – Friday (before 8am or after 5pm) - £45 (+VAT) per hour

Saturdays - £45 (+VAT) per hour

Sundays and Bank Holidays - £60 (+VAT) per hour

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